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I believe it is no longer strange to you that whatever is consecrated to God attracts God’s attention. God automatically becomes responsible for that thing. He watches over it Himself without shifting His gaze from it. My beloved in the Lord, this morning I want to share with you how or what your attitude should be like to the things of God. 

From Daniel 5, we saw that God did not bother Himself about the King and his wives’ frivolity in drinking excessively and in immorality. God did not bother Himself about the kind of vessel they were using since they did not touch His belonging. But what happened when the vessels of the house of God were brought? The bible says that it was that same hour that the king and his household drank wine with them that handwriting came from the Lord. (vs.5 and vs23)

The vessels in the house of God in Jerusalem were not common vessels because they had been dedicated to God. God told Peter in Acts 10:15 not to call sanctified things common. These vessels had been dedicated to God and they automatically became God’s. They were not to be used anyhow other than the purpose for which they were dedicated. God had to kill this king simply because of his act of disrespect.

Beloved, God does not want you to fall into this mess as well. Irrespective of whom you are, give reverence to the things of God. In your church, place value on the sacred things. Do not stand before the altar of God and speak anyhow. Do not handle the equipment of the church anyhow. Even the chair in your church, as long as it has been dedicated to God, place respect and honour on it. Do not stand on it or kick it with your legs.


God’s equipment is not to be used for commercial purposes. Do not rent out church’s chairs for social functions. Place honour on them and you will attract God’s honour. Do not use church’s materials for your personal gain. They are God’s.  Only God knows how many people are suffering from severe predicaments because of their attitudes to the things of God. Fire may not consume you like it consumed the sons of Aaron; for some it might be barrenness, for some it can be lack of job, financial downturn, sickness etc. I therefore urge you to change your attitude to God’s possessions and these plagues will never befall you.

Prayer: Lord, I ask for mercy in anyway I have erred in this subject and baptize me with the fear for your possessions in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Bible in a year: Daniel 7:1-28, 1 John 1:1-10, Psalm 119:153-176, Proverbs 28:23-24