Bible in a year: Judges 9:22-10:18, Luke 24:13-53, Psalm 100:1-5, Proverbs 14:11-12

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Seasons do not change a man of focus. He will be the same in all seasons. Paul exhibited the power of focus and he qualified himself to be a member of God's prime team. Focus is critical for you to be among the prime team in life. Be bound to your purpose on the earth and determine that no matter what happens, you will not look back. Paul, in Acts 21, despite being warned about impending harm where he wanted to go, he kept going. He was aware of the afflictions that awaited him but he was focused. God will always be with a man that is focused in His purpose for him. 

One major weapon of the devil against sons and daughters of destiny is broken focus through distractions. When your focus is broken, your energy is spread in many directions with nothing significant to show. You need to ask yourself, what are the things that are currently moving you? Anything taking your attention from the real thing is called distraction. It could be a little success that you have in what you are doing which takes your focus from the original reason you are on the earth for. 


Beloved, distraction is dangerous, it is of the devil. For example a little baby can abandon a bar of gold if you give him a toy that looks attractive. Don't let the devil distract you from the GOLD of your destiny by giving you toys. Avoid distraction, stay focused on what you know is the purpose of God for you and it shall be well with you in Jesus' name. 

Prayer: Father, I pray that you will help me stay focused on everything that is your purpose for my life in Jesus' name.