Bible in a year: Deuteronomy 21:1-22:30, Luke 9:51-10:12, Psalm 74:1-23, Proverbs 12:11

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There are 2 keys that can help you know what God wants you to do in life:

1.  The tools God has given you. These include gifts, abilities, occupation etc.

2. The group He links you up with such as your local Church.

Understand and respect these keys. You must be careful and avoid people that mock the tools God has given you. This may be part of the attack of the devil to make you ignore the provisions of God.

Joseph’s tool was his ability to interpret dreams. He wasn’t a healer. When your time and your turn to step on the stage of life comes, it is what you have that will be needed. The problem however is that by that time, most people have neglected what they had. They have allowed themselves to be jealous of what another person has hence, their tools remain undeveloped and unsharpened.

When it was time for Joseph to take his destiny and enter the fulfillment of his destiny, the King of the land didn’t fall sick, rather he started having dreams that nobody could understand. When it was Paul’s time to take charge in Acts 28, the Prince of the Island of Melitas fell sick, he didn’t have any dream. When it was time for Esther to fulfill her destiny, they just needed a queen and they were looking for a beautiful girl. If you respect what you have, it will open great doors for you. The trick of the devil is to get us to belittle what we have and begin to chase what someone else has.

Also, you must take your place in your local Church if you will fulfill your God-given destiny on the earth. Most people get into trouble because they don’t take the right position in their local Church family. It is not enough for you to find your God ordained Church family. When you get there, you have to look for the assignment that God has prepared for you there; the activities of that assignment are what will prepare you for the battles of life that will define you in destiny. Don't operate with a temporary mindset, be fully committed to what God has brought you there to do and it shall be well with you.

Prayer: Lord, I receive the grace for seriousness and sensitivity to sharpen my tools for destiny in Jesus’ name. Amen.