VESSELS OF HONOUR (2) - 2TIM. 2:19; JER. 18: 1-6

Bible in a year: Deuteronomy 16:1; 17:20, Luke 9:7-27, Psalm 72:1-20, Proverbs 12:8-9

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There is a moulding of every vessel that will be used by God. An architect wants the design, a builder wants results and God is both the Architect and the Builder. There is a reality of the potter, the potter’s house, the potter’s table and the potter’s field.

The potter’s field and the showroom

 Every work in the potter’s house will end up in either of the two. The potter’s field is for reprobates or cast-aways. Reprobate means tested, failed, condemned and cast away into the field. There is a season of your life that looks like God is seeking you out, it is a time of divine attention. Make yourself available. From Acts 1-8, it is Peter but after Peter said “Not so LORD” in Acts 9, the attention shifted to Paul. The effect of Paul’s ministry is seen in the Gentile’s world and that of Peters is seen in Jerusalem. You will see your replacement in someone doing under anointing what you can do technically. The burden of the faithful is more assignment taken from the unfaithful and given to the faithful.

The potter’s house is the program that God draws for you through a structure. He may be a committee leader in church; the potter is not necessarily the head of the ministry like Daddy. You can work and miss the reward in God by stealing members from other churches. The work will be recorded in the account of the man that you stole them from. Once you as a vessel remain on the potter’s table and under the potter’s hand (God), the potter will fit you into His program else, you will end up in the potter’s field which is the junk yard of rebels.

What the vessel is to contain? This is when the vessel will be a blessing. The key stage is the moulding stage. If you remain faithful, you will be all that God designed for you to be. Nobody sees everything from the start. You must allow the moulding to make you all that God designed. Peter did not allow God to work out the entire plan that He designed but Paul allowed God to do all. The greatest attack of destiny is unfaithfulness and not the devil. Where you are being taken to determines what He will take you through. Nobody does business with God and regrets. God is unlimited but we can limit God. Don’t put a limit on God in your life. 

Prayer: Lord, I submit myself to the structure and divine moulding in my life and destiny in the potter’s house. I will not be replaced in destiny in Jesus’ name. I pray for grace to become all I am designed to be to carry the blessing for generations yet unborn in Jesus’ name. Amen.