Bible in a year: 2 Chronicles 21:1-23:21, Romans 11:13-36, Psalm 22:1-18, Proverbs 20:7

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I will continue looking at God’s primary purpose for bringing divine relationships into our lives.

8.To compliment our giftedness, anointings and graces. You must not despise people that God brings your way in the place of beauty and finishing. One sure way to fail is to listen to nobody or everybody. Some people are sent to scare you off your path to greatness. Identify those to compliment and beautify your work and team up with them.

9.For protection from the deception of success and delusion of the anointing. In success you need real friends. Real friends enjoy your success while your success make others envious. Those are not your friends but competitors. Watch how people respond to your success.

10.To sharpen your edge and provoke you into good works. They are not your competitors but encouraging you into good works. Real friends are there to challenge you to higher and greater heights of accomplishments and success.

11.Relationships open you up to supernatural flows both Positive and negative flows: Always check who is around you opening you up to negative flows. The devil understands the power of relationships and he plans to break good relationships from your life and join you to negative ones. You must be sensitive to people that are hanging around you, check their spirits and contributions to your business, ministry and activities generally. You must never come under any assaults of hell through relationships. 


12.God brings you into relationships to connect you to the destiny program of God for your life. Example here is Esther, God connected her to Mordecai despite the death of her parents to groom her for destiny. The counsel of Mordecai prepared her and preserved her for destiny. Always ask the Lord for His intention for your life in any relationship you find yourself so as to team up with his agenda.

Prayer: Lord, let my path and that of the men you have sent to me to make me great and help my destiny cross this day and teach me to recognize them wherever I come across them in Jesus’ name. Amen.