1. You must find out your ministry.

2. You must receive your ministry: Some people have not received their ministry because of problems in their personality make-up. In Exodus 3, when God showed Moses his ministry, he asked God to send somebody else. The reason was that he had rejection inside his heart. The children of Israel had rejected him before and the wound of that rejection was still there (Exodus 2:14), but he said he couldn't talk. That was not the real problem because the Bible says Moses was mighty in word and in deeds (Acts 7:22). 

3. You must take heed to your ministry: You will not fulfil your ministry if you don't take heed to it. Nobody can take heed to another man's ministry for him. Like you watch over your health, God expects you to watch over your ministry. Pay attention to the fine points and details of your ministry. Understand what is required of you by God and by the people you are supposed to use the ministry to serve. God expects everybody to keep improving. You must study your ministry if you are going to use it to advance the purpose of God. It is possible to use your ministry not to serve the best purpose of God.

4. You must fulfil your ministry: Discharge the duties of your ministry. Ministry is work; ministry is not title.

5. One day, you will give account to God: Take note of these words - APPOINTMENT, RESPONSIBILITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY. Ministry is God's appointment of a person to an office. When God appoints you, from that point on, you are responsible for that office, not any other person. And then you are accountable. You can transfer your responsibility but you cannot transfer your accountability.


PRAYERLord, I receive the heart that receives and takes heed to the details of my calling in Jesus’s name. Amen.


BIBLE IN A YEAR2 Samuel 23:24-24:25, Acts 3:1-26, Psalm 123:1-4, Proverbs 16:21-23