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There is a portion that awaits you and there is an anointing that God wants to put upon your life through which He wants you to be relevant on the earth and build His kingdom. This is inconsequential of who you are; you don’t have to be a full-time minister or be in the five-fold ministry. One major channel that God uses to connect you to that spiritual portion is through sonship.  If God puts an anointing somewhere, there is one person that God will call to put the substance of that anointing on but he won't carry the anointing alone. 

Beloved, if you ever have a Pastor that is anointed, there is a portion there for you. Some pastors are not anointed and called by God; some quarrelled, fought, and broke away from a ministry to start their own without God sending them. If you are under such shepherds, check out, because they will bring destruction on themself and upon you. You should find out the history of churches before you join, but if you ever have an anointed Pastor that God joined you to his church by moving your spirit, you have a portion out of the anointing he carries.

Kenneth Hagin, (of blessed memory), used to say that when he started the ministry, there were some anointing he had but no longer walked in after a while. He said those portions were transferred on to different people, one after the other. This is because when God calls a man, He doesn’t call him alone. The moment God said, “I called Abraham alone and blessed him”, He blessed his lineage. The bible says Isaac paid tithes in Abraham’s loins, so for everything God was putting on Abraham, He had in mind many seeds and generations to come including you and I, because the bible says everyone that is born again is Abraham’s seed. Of the portion that God put on Abraham, yours is there. But if you don’t get born again to become Abraham’s seed, you can’t walk in it. 

Many Christians attend church carelessly, and many complain about distance to church or the duration of church services and prefer to attend churches closer to them or churches that spend lesser time for service, this is because they are ignorant of portions. There is something about portions for destiny that is not under your control; God has to put it somewhere for you, and He orders your steps there. If you stay there you will get your portion, and if you don’t, the portion will be there wasting away.

So, of the anointing on the man, there is a portion that is yours. But how are portions transferred? Medical doctors know that there are traits that pass through the genes. Once it is in the genes you can’t stop it from manifesting in the body. So how does God transfer portions within His church, within His body, and within His kingdom? It is through sonship. 

PRAYER: Lord, I receive sensitivity to know the place and the man you have kept a portion for me in, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Deuteronomy 31:1-32:27, Luke 12:8-34, Psalm 78:32-55, Proverbs 12:21-23