Beloved, you are specially invited to the ANNUAL GOD OF BREAKTHROUGHS CONVENTION(GOBC) 2016 coming up from  Sunday 3rd to Sunday 10th July, 2016 at The Dream Centre HQ, km 4 Gbongan-Osogbo Exp. road, Osogbo, Osun State. Theme: THE RICHES OF HIS GLORY. Ministering are, Rev & Rev(Mrs) Olusola Areogun and other anointed servants of God. Be there, all things are yours. Jesus is Lord!

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The revelation of anything supernatural is greater than its manifestations. Why? Because the revelation is God’s responsibility; the manifestation is man’s responsibility. It is not the supernatural that you cannot control that affects your manifestation; it is the natural that you can control. Anytime you see a revelation that is lesser than your physical life, it is clearly a satanic attack. Take authority over it, you don’t need any interpretation. Anything you don’t gain victory over in the dream before you wake up, it means the battle is still going on. God shows you things to come that are greater than your present physical state.

If the Holy Spirit is leading you at any time, it is always upward and forward; upward for the spiritual dimension and forward for your physical domain. We should stop blaming God for our backward results. Sometimes, God allows negative reputation to keep your property for you until you arrive.  The first time God brings something in your life and you are not ready, He will always give you time to get ready for it before it comes later. So you have to get yourself ready. Many Christians think God will do the readiness part for them. You have to get prepared by yourself. You have to grow and stretch your faith to the point that you can handle them when He brings them again. Sometimes, what it takes to go with God is the right kind of foolishness. It is better to be foolish to the world but wise with God, because before God tells you anything, He has already planned how to solve it.


God has built each of us with different capabilities, just be your best, not the best. Do not compete with others; just compete with your instructions. The vision you carry is your preservation and also points out the kind of road you are to take. There will be fights against your destiny. They are either minor fights or major fights. For David, his brother abusing him was a minor fight, while Goliath coming with curses was the major fight. Avoid the offence traps the devil throws at you in the minors, it simply means there is a major miracle ahead. 

Prayer: Lord, I receive the sensitivity to distinguish the battles of destiny. I receive grace to maximize my revelations and divine donations in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Bible in a year: 1 Kings 8:1-66, Acts 7:51-8:13, Psalm 129:1-8, Proverbs 17:1