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Today I will continue to examine different levels of prophetic flows.

There is a prophecy of the office. The high priest in the days of Jesus when they wanted to crucify Jesus; they brought before him and he said it is better for one person to die for the whole nation than the whole nation to perish and the bible says, “This, he said not of himself” but because he was the high priest that year.”, he entered into a prophetic flow (Jn 11:49-52). There are prophecies of offices. The bible says, there is no authority but that which is of God. Everybody will give account for the positions that God gave them. 

When you see natural kings, rulers and different people who have concern for their zone of authority, God communicates with them. It was the king of Babylon that saw the vision of the giant human being that Daniel interpreted, that spanned the entire history of the human race; the head of gold, the chest of silver, thigh of bronze, the feet of clay and iron.  And then he says, I saw until a stone was cut without hand and struck the image and it fell and the stone became a kingdom that filled the whole earth. It was an unbeliever king that saw that. That was a divine communication of end time events and it was an unbeliever king that saw it. God wants to use offices to influence people and bless multitudes. 

Leadership and lordship are two positions human beings must understand. Lordship takes a decision in heaven on how the earth is to be governed and leadership executes that decision on the earth. When you find effective leadership, they manifest the picture of earth that God has in heaven. The problem of Africa is not that of Lordship, the same Lord is one in the spirit over human beings; it is bad leadership that is the problem. 


Are you a leader of men or do you have an office of influence that God has given you? Understand today that there is an expectation of God on that office to govern his people and birth His will and counsel on the earth as it is in heaven. Get ready to yield your vessel as an instrument of the divine.

Prayer: Lord, I ask for the understanding of your plans and purposes for offices, leadership and platforms You give in life so as to cooperate with Your will and do Your counsel in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year : Exodus 37:1-38:31, Matthew 28:1-20, Psalm 34:11-22, Proverbs 9:9-10